"Music is the space between the notes" - French composer Claude Debussy

National Chess Champion and Tai Chi World Champion Josh Waitzkin says one of the keys to his overwhelming success is his ability to get into a flow state and slow down time in intense moments. In chess, it’s not the moves themselves we should focus on but we should slow down and focus on the board state; the space between the moves. In martial arts, instead of focusing on our opponents punch we should notice on their breathing, their eyes, their body movements; the space between the attacks.

This is the way I approach everything in life. Code is about the space between the keystrokes; the algorithms, the design, the collaboration. Clothing quality exists in the space between the threads; the fit, the production, the design. Life isn't just a serious of moments, there's so much value in the space between those moments. This blog is a journey to discover that value.